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Building the ultimate life of your dreams should be effortless. You are a Powerful Woman and deserve to have a prosperous life in all areas of your life including your career/business, money, relationships, sex, family, health, personal development and spirituality.

If you’ve tried just about everything up to this point and you keep finding yourself stuck running the same cycle, you're in the right place.

Ask yourself, "What is the purpose for this problem that has brought me to this exact place in this exact moment?"

Coincedence? I think NOT!



• Your heart is calling you to do something big, something magnificent yet for some reason, your head is telling you something else. It's those limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and emotions that keep you trapped, not allowing you to follow your heart.

• You keep avoiding the very thing that you need to stop avoiding. You keep saying there's "something" that keeps blocking you, but you haven't been able to pinpoint what it is. It both scares and excites you, but you really need an expert's help. Let's chat.

• You've done a lot of inner work up to this point, concentrating mostly on the surface level problems, but what you really need is to go deeper, wider, and farther than you've ever gone before in order to get to the root of your problem(s).

In order to level up this time, You MUST Transcend Your Mind.




Awaken the Power within yourself by learning how to get rid of the giant fears that are leaving you stuck; stopping you from following your heart.


Master your Power by learning what the deepest unconscious beliefs are that create inbalance in your life. Come, completely Transcend Your Mind and become the person that easily and naturally achieves your goals and objectives to scale bigger!


Take things to a whole new level where you’ll Transcend the World around you. Transform your Universe and have greater understanding to ultimately live the life you’re meant to live. Invite only.

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Driven Business Leader

You are driven and determined to do what it takes to go above and beyond your wildest dreams - creating the life you've always wanted.


Ready For Massive Growth

You are more than ready to Level Up in life & business. Life is too short to keep wasting it. You are antsy for Massive Growth.


Settles for Extraordinary

You refuse to be ordinary. You'll Only Settle for Being, and Having an Extraordinary life, living your highest purpose and passion. You just lost it and want to find it again!



You are humble to life and curious as to what more is possible. You are ready to gain higher knowledge than what you already have and are open to receiving. It's time!


if you Got rid of your giant fears; how would you live your life?

if you Could accelerate your growth, work more efficiently and have more time, income, and freedom to do the things you’re passionate about, what would that do for you?

When you become limitless in your pursuits and soar through life, how will that make you feel?

what if i told you it's faster and easier than you ever thought possible 🙂


I highly recommend Camilla for coaching/training. I hired her as a coach in January 2018 and it opened my mind up in ways I couldn't have imagined. I have continued to learn from her and grow in leaps and bounds unlike anything I have experienced before. And I have been to TONS of trainings and read TONS of self help books. I had felt stuck in my business for years and one month after my first session with her I hit an incredible record in my business. 2 months after that I reached another huge goal in my business for the first time. I am so grateful for the tools I now have at my fingertips to let go of limiting beliefs in a permanent and powerful way so that I can continue to reach my goals and fulfill my highest purpose in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Camilla!

Kindra Adair
dōTERRA Platinum Leader

Being able to let go of all of my negative emotions has fundamentally changed my life. From being able to see potential intentions of others that would have been blind to me because of fear or something else from their actions has changed my business. I’ve been able to stay in that calm, level-headed state of mind where my best inspiration, ideas, and logic come from! I’ve also noticed a massive shift in my energy and ability to achieve my outcomes due to letting go of the negative emotions. No longer am I clouded by fear or anger, now I’m in a state of excited calmness that allows me to go out and achieve every goal I set for the day!

Alden Sparks
Real Estate Investor

Camilla’s promise is that she will help you reprogram your unconscious mind so that you get the results you want easily and effortlessly, in business, career, family, health, any area of life. Traditional therapists and coaches are 50-100 years away from using these techniques.
As for me, when I first met Camilla, I had spent decades in therapy and years practicing energy healing, and yet I still constantly struggled with suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, and many other issues that slowed my performance at work and severely limited my relationships. Camilla custom-made a solution for me. Now, a few short weeks later, I love living! I am happy. I feel light and powerful. I have doubled my speed at work, found eight freelance clients, and am in the joyful process of creating, healing, and enhancing my deep personal relationships.
Choose Camilla Peterson. She is light-years ahead of all other solutions! The changes you want are possible now!!

Angela Lewis

Before I went to Camilla's first training in September of 2019, I was carrying around a lot of mental baggage. I felt a lot of guilt and negative emotions, that were weighing me down and affecting how I lived my life. My experiences during training were so positive and light (I felt physically lighter, and I could see things with new light and hope). Basically, I felt like she helped me clear a bunch of old beliefs about myself and others that were not serving me, and once I released those, I was able to move forward with more confidence and joy. Now that I've applied the strategies I've been taught at Camilla's trainings, my life purpose has become so much clearer. I have goals and dreams that hadn't even been a thought before when my judgement was clouded. Now that I've been able to "wash the windshield" of my sight and perspective, so to speak, I know that I am the author of my destiny. I attract what I desire, and I know that my purpose is farther-reaching than I had previously imagined. So grateful and amazed at the potential within and the clarity I've gained from Camilla's training.

Maggie Harris
dōTERRA Leader

I have been learning about the power of our minds for a few years and NLP has definitely been a part of my journey to self discovery and self-love. With NLP, I have been focusing on my thought patterns and had some major mental shifts, especially during Camilla’s 6-day training. The changes in my mindset are deeper and more permanent than anything else I’ve experienced. I feel like everyone needs to learn what NLP has to offer! You will be SO extremely blessed to work directly with Camilla!! She is an insightful, amazing, inspired, fun, sweet, wonderful coach and friend. She is very capable and will lovingly yet firmly guide and assist you in your transformation. Trust her, I know she will be able to help you and guide you!

Influencer Coach


Camilla Peterson is the Creator of Transcend Trainings. Her purpose is to help Entrepreneurial Women That Feel Trapped and Are Stuck to Level Up & Become their Powerful Self by teaching them how to build  - “The Fortress of Their Mind” so they can Transcend Their World and live their ultimate life.

She has studied and mastered the art of building a powerful mind, body & soul as well as the evolution of consciousness and all things transcendental! She has truly Transcended the limits of her mind to create incredible results for herself and so many people!!

Camilla Pe

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