So many limited beliefs held me back for sooo long from going after my dream car! 😢🥺😩

😬Fear that what if I can’t make my payments
🌎 Having a car like that is worldly
❌You don’t deserve it
🤓You’re not cool enough
😢People will think you’re a snob
💰Only rich snobby people have nice vehicles
🤏🏻People are going to take advantage of you
🧐People are going to judge you hardcore
🛻It’s not a ferrari, mustangs are looked down on….or whatevs
😝Your mustang has the persona of _(negative) compared to REAL supercars.
🤨You won’t be part of any car clubs.
😒It’s not the REAL deal….and so much more.

Who freaking cares?!!!! I just don’t give a damn anymore!!!! People put their own value on “things” and I AM THE REAL DEAL!!

I’d rather go after my dreams and live a thrilling life than let those old voices, those OPINIONS, those limiting beliefs confine me into a mediocre life. Afterall, they are only voices…don’t ya think? 🤷🏼‍♀️

The cool thing that I’m so proud of myself for – I AM PAYING FOR THIS MYSELF!!! Not my hubby or his credit. MEEE!!

I let waaaay too many opinions of others get the best of me.

What are those things for you? What do you hear? How does it make you feel? 😔😟

The crazy thing is it’s all false. They’re stories you’re telling yourself just so you DON’T live the live you TRULY DO DESERVE.

And you may care less about the car or have your own dream car already. What about the other areas of life though? What about your own mental and emotional health? What about relationships?

You can create a new “REAL”ITY for yourself.

My 2021 Ford Mustang!! I’m named her Raven.

Because the “REAL”ITY of having my dream car is:
💵 I’ve made more money in the 1 week I’ve had it 😱 Almost broke 6 figured 😱 Who’da thought?!
🌎 I’m worldly. Ha It feels freaking awesome! I’m finally showing myself what I deserve!
😘 Snob-ha that was that innocent child’s beliefs from growing up poor wishing she wasn’t. Sooo many wealthy people give and give and give. I have some of the most lovely friends that are wealthy and I learn so much from them. Now instead of giving out of guilt, I’m able to freely give!
❤️ So what, take advantage of me. I’ll poor love into you all day every day and squash your limiting beliefs so you can learn how to model excellence.
😱 My mustang likely thrills me just as much as your Ferrari thrills you yet while your Ferrari sits in the garage and you look at it, I’ll be driving my mustang even in the snow!! Any other comebacks? Whatevs 🤷🏼‍♀️

This isn’t even about the car. The car is just a symbol. It’s about something bigger than myself.

I’m so grateful to have invested in trainings that have taught me how to break out of my shell and set myself FREE! Free to REALLY LIVE! Free to go after what I know I deserve because I know my worth and TRULY BELIEVE THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! 🤯


             ⚡️ You Are Powerful ⚡️
           Build Your Fortress Within


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