1. Focus On What You Want.

Do NOT imagine a purple elephant that’s really big standing right next to you and it’s hot and sweaty, pretty stinky with sweat dripping down its belly.

Did you imagine the purple elephant?

You did didn’t you? And even if you said no – you’d have to imagine the purple elephant and then delete the purple elephant in your mind therefore creating a double synesthesia.

This is a very important thing to understand and accept. Now, pay attention around you along with your self talk. How often do you and others use the word NOT followed by a negative phrase? 

For example:

I DON’T want to be in debt.

I DON’T want a failed marriage.

I DON’T want to have bad relationships.

Imagine each of those and how negative the internal representation of the words are. If that’s what you are focusing on, even though the word NOT is there, the unconscious mind will delete the NOT and take the orders and do precisely what you say after the the word “not”. The unconscious mind can’t process negations. 

Take this for example. If you would for a moment picture NOT having a failed marriage, What do you see? How does it make you feel? What sounds do you hear if any? Does it have a positive or negative feeling?

Now, if you would please, picture a successful marriage. Now what do you see? How does it make you feel? What sounds do you hear if any? Does it have a negative or a positive feeling?

What kind of resources – in other words strategies and answers would you have in your mind to create a successful marriage?

If you’re consistently telling yourself you DON’T want a failed marriage vs. you WANT to have a successful marriage, imagine the results you will have in comparison to the difference of results you will have for both. 

So how do you apply this and create better results for yourself?

Pay close attention to what negations you use each and every day. The best way to use the word NOT:

I feel like crap today. Instead say, “I DON’T feel the best today.”

I have a terrible headache. Instead say, “my head DOESN’T feel very good.”

You treated me disrespectfully. Instead say, “you WEREN’T very nice to me.”

This will give a positive internal representation for yourself and others therefore creating the results you want. It will take time to practice especially if you’ve been programmed to think and say negative negations. But over time, you will reprogram yourself to become a much more positive person that is TRULY POSITIVE.

2. Be At Cause In Your Life.

Hook: You’ve chosen the life you have therefore you are responsible for your reality.

Story: At times, this may come to a shock to the majority of people because when you read or hear that, it’s very likely that your mind goes to all the bad things in your past and you say to yourself. “No way, that can’t be true. It was that “other” person’s fault. THEY did that TO me.” All your shit starts to surface and suddenly you’re on the defense and want to either reject or deny that it could be true. YOU are the cause of EVERYTHING that’s happened in your life. Yep. Sorry to break it ya, but it’s true.

Here’s the thing though – if you set all blame, rejection and denial aside, you could possibly see how Powerful this one belief could be. How you could take your power back because if you chose into having those not so positive things occur in your life, couldn’t it be possible that you chose all the good things in your life?

And if that’s true, and you’re responsible for ALL of the things, would it possible to take all the things that aren’t good and completely change and transcend them into having the life and results you truly want to have? If you said yes, I have good news for you. That’s where TRUE EMPOWERMENT lies!

I know this may come as a surprise, but once you get at the cause side of your life and stop coming up with reasons – in other words excuses for NOT having the life you want, you will start on the path of seeing the evidence of having excuses to absolutely have the life you want, which will change everything for you…..won’t it?

3. Eliminate The Illusions You’ve Placed In Your Mind. 


Yep, you heard that right. Now, you may or may not have a problem with that. If you have severe cases of fear and anxiety, you may be thinking, “well my anxiety is definitely real and I feel like you’re dismissing everything I’ve gone through up to this point and that doesn’t sit well with me.”

Sure! I get that. I went through a time in my life where I had severe anxiety and woke up in the middle of the night with severe panic attacks and if someone were to tell me that it was all an illusion, I’d possibly feel the same way. Yet, if you were to ask yourself, “how could my fear and/or anxiety possibly be an illusion?” Especially when; in that moment I was literally shaking and having all the symptomology of having severe “anxiety”. And THAT was REAL…..

Yet was it?

…..It’s at least worth considering. Let me tell you why.

In order to transcend, you MUST at least consider this to be true. 

Could it be possible that all the fears and anxiety you’ve experienced and may possibly experience in the future be an illusion?

Keep that in mind while considering this:

I’ve wanted to go skydiving for years and I was terrified of it. So for 39 years, I never went. All the stories and beliefs that went through my head were:

  • What if I get sick and throw up on the plane. (I got bad motion sickness on planes.)
  • What if I fall to my death?
  • What if I freak out and can’t make myself jump out of the plane? That would be for nothing.
  • What if I get hurt.
  • What if……what if……what if….

You likely have your own if you’ve never been before. You can just add those to the list.

Then in 2020, I went to an intense training to become a Trainer where you go through a process of eliminating one of your most gigantic fears. Mine was public speaking. (If it’s yours, you’ll understand.) As a reward of completing this training, I decided I would celebrate by doing something that would absolutely terrify me = skydiving.


Yep. So I reached out to friends and come to find out, I couldn’t find ANYONE. 

Finally, I found that my sister wanted to go with me and I had forgotten that she had been before.

We scheduled our skydiving trip and went. I’ll save the whole story for another post, but I have to tell you, up to the point of getting in that plane, I had some moments of anxiety and fear rush through my body and wanted to freak out. Yet, I wasn’t even in the plane! What the heck! How is it possible that I could play out all those fears and anxieties when I was sitting at home, thinking about skydiving and have the symptomology of anxiety?

This was the ultimate test of considering that it’s possible that fear could be an illusion.

I got on that plane, jumped out and it was the most surreal, ethereal experience I have EVER had! Holy SHIT!!! Wow! There really are no words to explain how insanely incredible it is!!

ALL of those What ifs – ILLUSION – stories I told myself that stopped me from actually experiencing one of the most thrilling sports that I could ever experience.

So that being said, a good question to ask yourself, how could it be possible that fear is an illusion for YOU?

And if you could learn how to eliminate your fears both mentally and emotionally, how would it change your physical world around you? 

What would that be worth to you?

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