What is your #1 REGRET that leaves you anxious, scared, full of guilt and awake at night?

I know this is a common thing as entrepreneurs build their empire and it’s a good thing for you to think about cuz then you can be conscious of what that is so you can make the necessary changes.

You see, I had so much regret around this ONE thing that it caused me to be in bed for up to THREE whole weeks. Yeah. You read that right.

I was so depressed, would wake up having panic attacks and was terrified.

I had secondary gain.

What is secondary gain? 

It’s when the advantage derived from a neurosis in addition to the primary gain of relief from anxiety or internal conflict

In more simple terms, it is when you gain something much more important than actually get rid of the bigger problem itself. Therefore you keep the bigger problem so you can gain the more important thing.

Examples of important gains may include gaining extra attention, sympathy, avoidance of work, domination of others, support, and many others.

The tricky thing is finding the underlying gain so that the BIG problem can be eliminated because gains can have many layers.

So yes, I’m definitely admitting that I was gaining extra attention, wanted to avoid my work/business as the CEO of my company, and the biggest thing…..

I was REGRETTING that I was missing watching my kids grow up right before my eyes just to build my dreams. Which caused me to actualize my #1 regret.

So I’d make myself mentally and emotionally sick so I could stay home, spend much needed time with my kids and have their attention instead of go work in my business.

You’d think that’d be embarrassing to admit. But the purpose of opening up and sharing this is because this very thing caused me so much pain in my life and I know I’m not alone in this. There’s a lot of entrepreneurs that are experiencing this very same problem. 

As an entrepreneur, you build that empire and go after your dreams. In the meantime, sacrificing everything else in between. Many entrepreneurs I talk to say you have to work hard to get what you want and that if you want something big, you’re gonna have to sacrifice other things to have it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

That story is a lie. It’s old programming. Bad projections from your programming growing up and I’m here to help you get out of that terrible reality you’re stuck in. 

I hear many people’s stories about how they got into their career or what made them start their business. I get a lot of the same answers: that’s what was easiest at the time or that’s what their parents wanted them to do, and the list goes on. But the results from that is that deep down inside, you’re unhappy, unfulfilled and have bigger dreams that you “wish” you could go after, but you’re stuck thinking that what you’re doing is gonna get you there faster or that it would be too much hard work to do anything different.

But if you do the same thing you keep doing, you’ll get the same results.

And I get it! You probably worry about what other people will think if you change careers or if you downsize. Maybe you don’t even need to change careers. You just need to reprogram your unconscious mind. Your old programming isn’t serving you anymore. Whatever those stories are that hold you back from Being and Feeling FREE! That’s what I’m talking about.

They’re leaving you STUCK, aren’t they?

But with my help, you can change everything. And it’s easier than you would ever imagine.

After reprogramming my unconscious mind, I work less than I ever have. I’m doing what I absolutely love and am passionate about. I’m fulfilling my dreams AND my kids’ dreams WHILE being here for my kids and watching them grow up!

Something I’m really excited about next – bringing my hubby home so he can find something he’s passionate about while I support him like he’s supported me.

I believe you can have the same thing too – whatever it is that you desperately want – it’s absolutely possible to have it.

Time is short ya know? You can’t take time back. But you CAN change the future.

Life will be whatever you want it to be! It’s absolutely possible and I’m living proof along with many of the results my clients have.

You are Unique. You are Powerful.

The only limits there are are the limits you place in your mind.

What is your #1 REGRET that causes you to not sleep at night?

If you’d like to completely change that, click here and fill out the form. Let’s meet over zoom to go over your goals and dreams and see how I can help you Transcend your mind so you can live the life you truly want to live.

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