I’ll be honest, there’s been this one thing for quite some time that I just haven’t figured out. 

Even after aaaall the high level trainings I’ve been to – including secret trainings. 

NOW is the time to finally break through?

For the longest time – ever since I read Think and Grow Rich – I’ve held onto the story of the guy that had a gold mine. He kept digging for a long time, never finding the gold so he finally sold the mine. 

The guy that bought it hired a professional to assess his mine. Once assessed, he knew exactly where the veins were that lead to the gold. 

To his surprise, the gold was in the opposite direction only 3 feet away. 

Soooo many times I’ve gotten to this place where I feel like I’m 3 feet away and it’s this thick block. It’s dark and it feels really heavy and it’s definitely in my way. It doesn’t feel like I could ever change it. It just is what it is and I’ve felt many times like there’s nothing else I can do about it 🤷🏼‍♀️

So when I get to the place AGAIN, I turn the other way, do something else and avoid it like a plague, which leaves me frustrated, angry and exhausted. 

I’m not saying things haven’t worked up to this point. I’m saying that in the middle of figuring this “thing” out, I’ve come a looong way in my journey and have broken through A TON of shit Yet this ONE thing has stopped me from a lot of things for a loooong time. 

But not anymore. I finally decided two years ago that I’m gonna freaking figure out what it is no matter what it takes. 

Guess what it took this time?

It took me announcing that I’m bringing my husband home by the end of the year and being serious about it. 

When I say something I’m gonna do, ESPECIALLY when announcing it to the public, I take it VERY SERIOUS. 

And this one I’m extremely serious about. Even though my husband wants to take a couple more months to work (so til February) December is the first month I’m paying all the bills, the vacations, everything and not counting on his money. I’m acting as if he’s already home now cuz I know one thing to be true – it’s about being the person that can easily achieve the goal more than achieving the goal itself. 

If you never take the leap, how do you ever know how you’ll land?

This last week, I’ve been feeling the effects of this commitment for myself and my family. I’ve been more irritable, my limiting beliefs are coming up and negative emotions that had held me back from NOT committing to this. Boy do I have some not so good self talk going on that I’m very conscious of now. 

But I’ve known this commitment is the very thing that will push me past my limitations and allow me to finally break through this ONE thing I’ve tried so hard to break. 


I went and layed in bed cuz the limiting beliefs and emotions were so intense and was bothering the crap out of me and the story of the gold mine came to my mind. 


I used a Transcend Technique to get to the root of where this block was coming from and did some “mind magic” and I broke through the wall I placed there in my mind!!!

As I was doing this technique, things opened up and there was a shiny glittering gold. All the dark heaviness disappeared and my mind was clear. I felt a big weight come off my shoulder and I felt light!

Literally 1-2 mins after – I got a call from my sister telling me something I’ve been yearning to hear for years. ❤️

That’s how fast things happen when you break through your shit. 

I keep having really cool things happen throughout the day! I’m excited to see what else is unfolding.

EVERYTHING is created in the mind my friends. 

It starts there. If you keep avoiding the very thing that you’ve been avoiding because you don’t know how to face it or it seems scary to go there or you’re denying that it’s even a problem, you’ll keep repeating the same damn cycle over and over and over and over…… 



What story or metaphor do you keep playing in your mind over and over and don’t seem to be able to break through?

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