Evolution is not for the faint of heart. It is for the strong – the fierce. 🔥

The biggest reason people DON’T come to my trainings is because they’d have to admit how Powerful they are. They’re scared that if they were to know who they TRULY are and what their True purpose is – that would be way too hard to admit let alone BE the one to carry it out. 

I’ll even admit it can be challenging at times when I know my own Power and Greatness and what I’m determined to live up to. 

It’s not the easiest yet it’s the most rewarding. 

It’s not something you get a Masters degree in, or any of the highest degrees you could ever get. The pat on the back is nice but even when people say they’re proud of you and how much they’ve seen you evolve – none of that really matters. 

Things that do matter are different than they were before. Things that use to have meaning don’t have meaning at all. 

Even when people think you have the biggest chip on your shoulder – they easily mistake it – having a knowing that you’re a Powerful Being – and knowing they are too – and knowing that you have a big purpose, having accepted it and knowing deep inside that even the biggest praise won’t matter because at the end of the day – the only two things that even matter is that the competition is only between you – and you –

And #2 is the lives you’ve changed in the process of carrying out your purpose – which is 2 fold – Transcend you and Transcend the world. 

There gets a point where there is no measurement, no mark to hit, no anything to say you’ve reached a certain point cuz even when you reach that certain point, there’s another point to reach, another level, another higher version of yourself, another learning, another thing to be scared of, or hurt by, or something to lose.

But the thing that is certain above all else – you have everything to Gain and nothing to lose. 

So be brave enough – be fierce – and find that something deep within that only YOU have the answers to – to admit that You Are Powerful enough to do what it takes to break through anything that stands in your way of carrying out your True purpose here on this earth. 

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