Stop making a difference in the world just because you have people disagreeing with you – it’s scary, it hurts and makes you depressed……

Says the one that can’t handle going against the grain and wants to just go in a corner in fetal position and totally give up.

Yeah, that was me a couple years ago. I would think, “that’s why I don’t share what’s truly in my heart. People can be so cruel and I can’t handle losing my friends & family let alone STRANGERS.”

Wow! Have I grown this last year and it’s truly remarkable how strong I’ve become and how great it feels to share what’s truly in my heart and embrace who I am and then teach people how to come out of their own little shell, be brave and face who they truly are so they can live a life full of passion.

Let’s admit that the system hasn’t done us a whole lot of good in this area. Go to college and get a study job, work there til retirement….THEN finally travel the world, give back to society and change the world.

That is so backwards. Everyone of us is so unique and different. When I started searching for that something that would light me up, the system didn’t have their little cookie cutter program for me. I hated college anyway so good riddens.

Being the Entrepreneur I am Now (which is a learned thing-didn’t grow up that way), took creating several businesses and failing several, several times to actually learn how to be a successful entrepreneur. All of which is definitely not taught in schools nor the popular route to go.

I learned really fast that to not go with the grain or the norm (the boxed in thinking that society has created) I knew later on in life that I’d be doing something unique. Something different.

Transcend Trainer | Teaching you how to Build The Fortress of Your Mind.

Now that’s different.

Just to have that title let alone the journey that led me to it brought on a lot of rejection, spreading of gossip, negative comments and people that think what I’m doing is far-fetched or that it would destroy my spirituality, etc. All the things… 🙄 what were your thoughts when you read my title?

What I found throughout my journey has been quite the opposite of what I ever dreams of and what others have judged me for.

Yes, I still get the haters, probably always will, but that means I’m doing something great! Some of the greatest leaders like Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins and so many others have some of the biggest haters yet look how they’ve changed and transformed our world.

You may not be the most proud of who I am but what I’ve realized more than ever is every person has their own perspective. Their perception of me is their own mirror reflecting back at them. So whether it’s a good or not good reflection, you can thank me either way for raising your consciousness 😘

The reasoning behind this post is to tell that person that’s too afraid to come out and be themself – Do it anyway!

It’s worth it. Care enough to not care anymore.

Stand tall, be proud of who you are. Be proud of your beliefs. It took how many years to have those beliefs. Stand in your Power and share what’s truly in your heart.

People need to hear what you have to say no matter how left, right or in between it is. And in that moment you don’t like what’s being said back, let it fill your soul with fire and motivation to keep going, keep sharing as the truth is hard to hear from those that want to reject and deny the truth.


TR⟁NSCΞND Beyond All Your Limitations

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