It’s extremely challenging. 😣

Being a trainer breaks you down, shows you all your mirrors, shows you your weaknesses only to uncover and let go of more and more of what you are Not.

The journey to success isn’t the easiest. If you only knew what it was like to go from being a stay at home mom supporting your husband for 12 years in all his business ventures to jumping in as the CEO starting your career at 35.

Then facing your fears, experiencing rejection after rejection, then going to training after training to transform into something incredible simply by letting go of all your fears, hurt, guilt and so many limiting beliefs that plagued you. That was quite the rush!

Becoming a Trainer is extremely different than a coach. I mean, being a coach was great! You just sit down with your clients and do the proven techniques that get your clients the results they want every single time and it works! It’s awesome!

Then, taking the next step to face all your bigger fears takes things to a whole new level in order to be a Trainer. But not only a trainer, a trainer that delivers the trainings. (most don’t even end up teaching)

In order to change things you have to:

  • Know the mechanics behind EVERY single technique.
  • Deliver the “recipe” that you’ve practiced over and over only to find that there’s never a mark to say you did it perfectly.
  • You get critiqued over and over. Every client is different and one may pick you apart more than others.
  •  Start the process again and again.

But the moment you realize that you’ve only had TWO fails in demonstrating the techniques out of 7 trainings, doing about 100 demonstrations, that’s when you know……it says something.

If YOU only knew what that even means.

What you don’t realize is there’s a lot of stress and fear alone when it comes to doing each demonstration because each demonstration can make or break a trainer.

It determines if the “recipe” was taught correctly and then shown in a demonstration if it was right. If it fails, the student may fail. If the student fails, it questions the legitimacy of the trainer. 

Me 👋🏻

I’ve seen the worst “recipes” and the worst demonstrations be done.

I use to fear so many things. The moment I found out how Damn good I am at what I do, was a significant moment in my growth.

But the thing is, it’s not about the techniques, the demos, the fails or successes. It’s not even about being a trainer.

It’s about giving you the best & that you get the results you desperately need.

This little sneak peak into what it’s like to be a trainer vs. a coach is more about patting myself on the back. 😂😂 There, I said it 🤷🏼‍♀️ haha j/k

What IS IT about for you?

Idk know about you, but when I hire someone, I want someone that walks the walk, has experienced exactly what they teach and has learned what I am needing to learn that I haven’t learned.

What is the most important thing to YOU when it comes to hiring someone that helps you get from point A ——> point B?


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