It’s funny. There are phases in life that you get to be awkward just to figure out the shit.

But if you never allow yourself awkwardness, weirdness, the NOT you, how will you ever find YOU?

I used to be so scared of putting myself out there. For reasons that are quite legitimate, but what I find is something quite special.

These last few weeks have been difficult to say the least. Some friends told me the truth about my marketing and it broke me down to a pretty low point.

BUT it was necessary for my evolution and necessary for my growth. It was all the things I already knew but to come from close proximity was a bit different this time.

But I’m strong and I know it was from a place of love. So I’m rising again. Writing from my heart instead of a template.

The template was necessary so I could do the process of what I can do now. 🌼

This last year was me Being a lot of who I am NOT. But the NOT me was the deepest unconscious parts of me that had to be faced and played out in order to let it go.

It’s cool though ya know?! Cuz I could spend a decade being in denial of THAT person…

A lifetime of pointing my fingers saying that’s that other person 👉🏻 it’s not me?! 🤷🏼‍♀️


I could play into that part, see what it’s like and then, learn from it and let it go. 💥

Because that’s the illusion. It’s so easy to point fingers of “that person” you’d never be, but in all truth and reality, that’s the deepest unconscious version of YOU. It’s the YOU that’s already playing that part. It’s the shadow you keep avoiding.

The secret is: Once you admit and embrace it, you can FINALLY face it and move past it. Until then, well, 🤷🏼‍♀️


The question is…

How big do you want to grow and what are you willing to do to do what it takes?

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