Funny…but you gotta keep reading…

A couple weeks ago, as I was reflecting on what was going on inside myself, I felt like I was evolving through a new level I haven’t experienced before yet it had a familiarity to it.

I kept reflecting back at this Photoshoot in Costa Rica just one short month ago.

Why did I wear blue and pink?

I’ve usually always worn different colors together and bright colors at that. I’ve always been a bright, cheery person full of smiles, laughter and exuberance. ☺️

But I’ve never put these two colors together. At least not in an outfit.

I often Google certain meanings of things just for fun and I was fascinated with this one.

Haha guess what I found?

It is a gender transition of girl and boy! Haha

I laughed and took what I wanted from it.

I mean, it could even be my masculine and feminine energies transitioning…

My inner knowing knew that I’m transitioning and evolving through a whole new level of consciousness and it’s a SUPER good thing!

It’s both frightening and exciting all at the same time. I always have new things revealed to me during these times! Both good and not good.

I also looked up what sunsets mean and they mean renewal and rebirth!

So 🥂 to anew. Bring on what’s next! I’m excited to share how I’m growing this month as I’m entering a new phase, a new transition into my next Greatest version of myself.

How will you transition into your next level of Greatness?

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