When you get a cold message asking what your struggles are in business….. 🙄

First of all, since language is my middle name, why is it that marketing is used as a tool to elicit peoples’ negative mental and emotional state?

My last mentors were always teaching me to elicit the PAINS that people have and the biggest reason for that is that “people buy from EMOTION”, they’d say……and it’s true, they do!

As I took their program for a year and studied their ways….it became very clear to me how MANIPULATED AND TWO FACED that is.

Because on the outside, I watched them tell the same stories over and over as they acted out, sobbed protrusively as they got themselves into negative states for 15-20 mins and then for 1 min. finished with their story of “inspiration” at the end.

It made me SICK once I finally connected the dots. That is the true definition of MANIPULATION.

FYI: The BEST way of doing this would be to elicit 1 negative emotion to 5 positive emotions. That way it collapses the negative emotion or negative state and replaces it with a new positive emotion. The ratio really is 1:5 and they were doing 5+:1 (5+ neg:1 pos).

They were constantly leaving people in negative states, which can cause more pain and problems for people than when they originally showed up for their event. Thus, having a higher closing rate for their company!! 👏🏻 Congrats

On the flip side, if people in the audience knew how to safeguard their mind, they’d see right through it and it wouldn’t be a problem. That would be true empowerment. Unfortunately, 95% of people DO NOT. They’re completely unconscious of how to do that.

Surprisingly, behind the scenes as a client of theirs, they were the total opposite as mentors. They were always eliciting positive powerful states and inspiring us all the time! It was a positive, uplifting environment filled with knowledge and a community coming together having a similar vision, going through similar things, helping one another grow. 🤗

It may not be anything new to you, but this kind of manipulative marketing is ALL OVER the media, social “media”, messages people send in order to get business, commercials, HELLO have you seen prescription commercials? 🙄 This kind of marketing is EVERYWHERE and people buy into it ALL the time.


I don’t need to elicit your negative emotions just to manipulate you into my programs!

I may not get as many clients, but I will eventually figure out how to spread my message in an ethical way. Not to get clients, but to spread my movement further and broader to Transform and Transcend the World!!!

Last year I needed to see what I saw so I could figure out how to market in a way that’s in alignment with my whole Being. 🙏🏼🥰

I mean, think about it, if people buy from “EMOTIONS”, couldn’t that be ANY emotion? What about the emotion sprung from TRUST? What about buying from sheer knowledge you’ll 100% have the results you need in your life? What emotions would you feel then?

What emotions will you have by having balance in your life? What about those relationships that can be healed and transformed into deeper, more loving relationships? What would it be like to be free from all of your baggage? What would it be like to transform your relationship with money and transform the greater love you can have for yourself? What if you could have a deeper connection with God?

What would it be like to heal that inner critic and have peace and quietness in the mind?

Now THAT 👆🏻right there is what you deserve to feel and it makes sense doesn’t it? And did that just elicit 10+ positive emotions that you deserve to feel? How much better do you feel now?

What if you’re one step away from having the life you totally deserve?

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