✨For all the times I wanted to give up but kept going

✨For posting vulnerable posts while feeling sick to my stomach due to “what will people think?” and the post transforms people

✨For all those times I got rejected and still do so that I could care enough to not care now = true acceptance

✨For each time I get a hater and look at them with deeper love than they can likely give themselves

✨For the times I didn’t believe in myself only to find that it was a bunch of bullshit

✨For all the friends I’ve lost along the way only to find the ones that truly care and are with me in creating a movement

The gratitude I feel runs deep. 🙏🏼

It’s a random day to celebrate myself but why do we need to have a special day to do that?🎉

It’s time to celebrate yourself. What will you celebrate?

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