Growing up, we NEVER talked about sex and even becoming an adult, it was always awkward when women really “talked” about their sexual relationships. 😳

But what I’ve found is that when you surround yourself with women that are open, honest and talk “real talk”, it can actually spark new ideas, healing can occur and you can overcome weakness you have in the bedroom and make them your strengths!! 💪🏻

Sex ALWAYS comes up as a topic we discuss at the end of the Master Level Training after peoples shit has let go, they become open and ready to Uplevel their sex life. It’s a beautiful thing to see. 😍

If you’re struggling in this area, I offer an exclusive sex and relationship breakthrough with couples. It’s an extension of my first two levels of training and it’s magic 🪄 ✨

✨Sparks begin to fly again. Especially for those that have been married for 10+ years, it’s by far better than talking about your problems for hours, days and months with a traditional therapist. We get in, get it done and it’s a fun enjoyable beautiful breakthrough for both parties. 🦋💎💃🏼

What I wonder is would you rather

1) experience this over zoom or in person

2) fly to an exotic location

to do your breakthrough? I’d love your feedback.

(Photo last night at Leatherbys with the fam ☺️ Bryce and I just hit our 19th year together a couple months ago.)

Which number would you pick and why? 1 or 2

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