If I would’ve quit when the going was tough, I’d never have gotten to where I am. I would NOT be living my dreams and doing what I’m passionate about. 💎💃🏼✨

Why is it that just because there’s resistance to something; whether it’s sadness a person feels, hurt, guilt, etc. people put the meaning of

“Well, I guess that’s not for me” 🤷🏼‍♀️

I do remember the version of Camilla that used to believe that, but the purpose of telling myself that story was so that I didn’t have to fill the big shoes I was meant to fill. 👠

The Goals and dreams you’ve chosen and your higher power wants for you are meant to take you through a refining process. 💎

Just like a child growing up. There’s growing pains that come with that. Does that mean they’re not suppose to grow up? 🌱🪴🌳

Of course not!!!❌🛑

When the voices in your head muddle what it is that you absolutely must do in order for you to live your highest purpose, in what ways does that affect your business?✨👠

You conditioned yourself to believe whatever you believe in this very exact moment. So you can be living the life you’re living right now.

If you want something different, you’ve got to change your strategies, your beliefs, the version of you right now into the version that can easily achieve your goals and dreams. 🌳

Nobody I know that became super successful had it easy. Oprah to Tony Robbins even down to the millionaire next door. 🚪

There was refinement that had to happen and being here on this earth is all about growth and nothing else. 🌱🪴🌳

So choose YOU. Choose your dreams and do whatever it takes to reach them. That’s where true fulfillment lies my friend. 🥰🎉💃🏼✨

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