I find it fascinating when people talk about something they themselves can’t quite comprehend, putting it down as if they even know for themself that they CAN comprehend it.

Why judge another when you yourself have never been there?

What kind of justifications are you making so that you can stay where you’re at instead of stretching yourself further?

Believe me, I’ve been there plenty of times and find myself being “that” person. I’ve learned that it is better to be aware of my thoughts and go inward to find out what that really is that I’m judging.

Just like teaching a daughter how to be a mother when the child has never been one nor has the neurology to even comprehend what it’s like,  why would the daughter judge the mother when she has never been one herself?

And even when the child has grown and has raised her own children, the age of time is different, the child(ren) being raised are entirely different, etc.

What beliefs are being pressed up against and being challenged to cause one to judge?

This is the thought I have for the day.

Be well my friend and serve and love those that contradict your beliefs. Love them even more until you’ve been there and done that and then, have compassion on yourself once you have. Xoxo

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