Dang! So much has happened since 2017 when I first ventured into Transcendance.

There’s so many steps in between yet what’s beautiful is how much growth has happened since.

2017 jumped into becoming the CEO of my 9 year on the side dental tech company.

I’d raised my 4 kids and got them into elementary school and “thought” I was confident.

😢Deep down, I felt rejected

😢was scared shitless of losing everything. My business, my kids, my family, you name it

😢questioned myself daily

😢loaded with doubts & uncertainty

😢wondered if people actually liked me

😢had severe conflict between being a mom vs being an Entrepreneur – very torn between the 2

😢woke in the middle of the night with panic attacks

😢deep depression feeling I may not ever have my next vision of the life I ultimately want

😢very little time to spend with my kids and hubby or go on vacations I want

😢didn’t dare spend the money I made just in case there was a dry spell (scarcity mindset) even though we made really good income

😢terrified of failing and fail I did over and over again

😢manifested bankruptcy which caused severe suicide ideation

😢made myself numb so I wouldn’t have to hurt anymore (imagine all the positive emotions I missed out on because of it)

Now, 2022:


💎I love my life, my family

💎I embrace my failures and learn from them

💎I’ve succeeded tjme and time again

💎I travel all around the world with women and bring my family with me and meet me where I go

💎I have a rich as F*ck mindset

💎I’m not perfect and that’s ok

💎I embrace and welcome my emotions both negative and positive

💎I fullheartedly feel!!

💎I dance, I laugh deep in my core, I hum, I giggle, I take jokes

💎I really enjoy being present and am fully in my body!

💎Enjoy and invite pleasure – even too much to handle at times!

I still:

🥹Have fears

🥹Feel guilt

🥹Am uncomfortable at times

🥹Admit I’m wrong

🥹am not perfect

🥹Make mistakes


🥹don’t have EVERYTHING I want (but deeply believe eventually it’s possible and WILL have it)

🥹Have moments I do exhaust myself

🥹Get on my phone after hours

Is my life perfect yet? No but it darn well is pretty close to what I envisioned 5 years ago when I started on this journey.

I’ve probably got only a handful more desires to reach so I guess it’s time to start dreaming even bigger again!

Transformation is not easy but staying stuck and where you are, is even harder. What would you like your story to look like? How would you like to feel? What are you willing to do to get there?

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